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Flavoring protease 风味蛋白酶

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0117
  • Product Spec:500g
  • Storage:Dry at RT
  • CAS No.:9001-92-7
  • Titer:1.50000U/g
  • Price:$128
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Chinese Name 风味蛋白酶
Price 128/500g
Storage Dry at RT
Cas No. 9001-92-7
Titer 1.50000U/g





The flavor enzyme is the company's use of rice mold fermentation, which is refined by advanced extraction process microfillets, ultrafiltration, vacuum frozen drying technology. The number of microorganisms strictly controls the number Food -level standards.

Product Features:

1. The flavor enzyme contains two activity: internal -cut protease and external cut peptide, which can be used to remove the lean peptide chain of low hydrolysis products and completely degrade it to completely degrade it. For amino acids, it can also be used to thoroughly hydrolyze protein, enhance and improve the flavor of hydrolyzed liquid.

2. At a certain temperature, pH value, and substrate concentration, the outer enzyme and the bitter polypeptide protein in the water -like hydrolyzed fluid in the flavor enzyme reacts to generate hydrolyzed animal protein (HAP) or hydrolyzed plant The protein amino acid hydrolyzes (HVP), then these hydrolyzes and amino acids react with the reduced sugar together to produce a variety of natural aromas and flavors of different flavors.

3. The hydrolyzed liquid after using the flavor enzyme enzyme to disintegrate animal protein. The hydrolysis is thorough. The effective utilization rate of protein exceeds 90%.

4. Enzyme preparation is a pure natural biomrom, which will be lost after food processing. Therefore, it is safer and non -toxic. A large amount of amino acid nutrients are very beneficial to human health.

Products: Light yellow solid powder

Application field:

1. Machining bone/meat by -product;


, Production of bone glue and collagen;


3. Products such as thermal reaction bone soup powder, calcium phosphorus agent; , Protein hydrolysis;


5. Hydrolyzing animal protein hap;


6. Plasma protein powder and heme.


Action mechanism:


Fasse enzymes can form a unique flavor and reduce the bitterness caused by hydrolysis. The principle is to form a short -chain peptide bond in the internal peptide bond inside the polypeptide to form a short -chain peptide bond. Some of them contain hydrophobic amino acids, so it becomes dysplasium, and an amino acid is released with the end of the outerase from the end of the polypeptide chain, which completely degrades the lean peptide into amino acids.


The characteristics of protein hydrolysis are determined by the degree of hydrolysis and the structure generated by the generated peptide, and this depends on the nature of protein, the characteristics of enzymes used, and hydrolysis conditions, especially pH and temperature.


Use conditions:


The concentration of the substrate is 25%-50%, the amount of increase is 0.1-10.2%(with the weight of the material), under the reaction conditions of the temperature of 50 ° C and the natural pH value Essence


After the hydrolysis is completed, the temperature is raised to 130-140 ° C, and the heat preservation is 1 hour to facilitate the Maillard reaction of hydrolyzed, amino acids, and restore sugar.




The loss of enzymes is generally determined by the substrate (the concentration of the substrate, the pH value, the temperature, etc.). Lost.




It is recommended to avoid light preservation in a cool and dry environment, storage temperature: below zero.


Excessive storage or unfavorable storage conditions will reduce enzyme activity to varying degrees; if the temperature and humidity are too high, the amount of usage needs to be appropriately increased during use.




The flavor enzyme is a pure natural enzyme preparation, which is protein. Foods for edible enzyme preparations are like eating protein foods, which is harmless to the human body.


For some sensitive people, such as directly intake of highly concentrated enzyme powder or fog, it may cause allergies, and it may stimulate the skin, eyes and mucosa tissue for a long time. During the operation, it is recommended to wear protective utensils such as masks, eye masks. The remaining or sprinkled enzyme powder needs to be treated in a timely manner. For a large amount of enzyme powder sprinkled, it should be gently scanned by the container. Essence


Fasse enzymes are a biological active substance, which are susceptible to metal ions (FE3+, CU2+, HG+, PB+, etc.) and the inhibitory and destructive effects of oxidants. They should be avoided during storage or use.


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