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QS0513Ra Quick Step Rat N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG)ELISA Kit
Assay range:45pg/ml-4000pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1117Ra Quick Step Rat Beta-Crosslaps ELISA kit
Sensitivity:8 pg/ml
Assay range:26pg/ml - 1500 pg/ml
Standard:1800 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1373Ra Quick Step Rat Interleukin-18 Receptor Beta (IL18R Beta)ELISA kit
Assay range:30 pg/ml -2000 pg/ml
Standard:2700 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1808Ra Quick Step Rat 17-Beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 10 (HSD17B10)ELISA kit
Assay range:30pg/ml-2000pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1289Ra Quick Step Rat Estrogen Receptor Beta (ERb)ELISA kit
Assay range:56pg/ml -4000 pg/ml
Standard:5400 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1107Ra Quick Step Rat Salusin Beta (Salusin-beta)ELISA Kit
Sensitivity:2.5 pg/ml
Assay range:8 pg/ml -400 pg/ml
Standard:540 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS0661Ra Quick Step Rat Stromal cell derived factor 1beta ,SDF-1beta ELISA Kit
Assay range:2pg/ml-150pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS1822Ra Quick Step Rat Beta Nerve Growth Factor (b-NGF)ELISA kit
Assay range:5pg/ml-250pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS0047Ra Quick Step Rat amyloid beta peptide 1-40 ,Abeta1-40 ELISA kit
Assay range:3.3 pg/ml -200 pg/ml
Standard:270 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
QS0707Ra Quick Step Rat transforming growth factors beta2 ,TGF beta2 ELISA Kit
Sensitivity:0.8 pg/ml
Assay range:3.3 pg/ml -200 pg/ml
Standard:270 pg/ml
Assay Time:60 minutes
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