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SEN0215 Trypsin-EDTA solution ,0.25% without phenol red
CAS No.:9002-07-7
Source:0.25% (without phenol red)
SEN0216 Trypsin-EDTA Solution ,0.25% With Phenol Red
Source:0.25% (with phenol red)
SEJ0214 Highly sensitive reverse transcriptase
Alias:Applicable to first-strand cDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction, one-step RT-PCR, primer extension, 3′ and 5′RACE, etc.
Validity:2 Years
SEN0053 RNase A Solution (10mg/ml)
Alias: RNase A溶液(10mg/ml ) Pancreatic ribonuclease; ribonuclease I; Ribonucleate-3’-PyrimidinoLigonucleotidohydrolase
Validity:2 Years
CAS No.:9001-99-4
SEN0021 DNase i (DeoxyribonueleaseⅠ)
Alias: 脱氧核糖核酸酶Ⅰ(DnaseⅠ) DNASE I deoxyrum nucleotide 5′-oligonucleotide-hydrolyzed enzyme
Validity:3 Years
CAS No.:9003-98-9
SEN0075 PMSf (100mM)
Alias: PMSF(100mM) Benzozoosulfonate; α-TolunessSulfonyl Fluoride; Benzylsulfonyl Fluoride; Phenylmethylsulfonyl Fluoride; PMSF; PMSF
Validity:1 Year
CAS No.:329-98-6
SEN0131 Peroxidase (POD)
Alias: Peroxidase(POD) 辣根过氧化物酶
Validity:5 Years
CAS No.:9003-99-0
Source:From Horseradish
SEN0042 Peroxidase (POD)
Alias: 辣根过氧化物酶 HRP Donor: Hydrogen-peroxide oxidoductase; Horseradish Peroxidase; HRP Pod
Validity:5 Years
CAS No.:9003-99-0
SEN0062 Urease (jack bean)
Alias: 脲酶 (尿素酶 巨豆)
Validity:2 Years
CAS No.:9002-13-5
SEN0144 Proteinase (Bacillus subtilis)
Alias: 蛋白酶(枯草杆菌)
Validity:2 Years
CAS No.:9014-01-1
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