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SL0080Mo Mouse Aquaporin 0,AQP-0 ELISA Kit
SL0081Mo Mouse Aquaporin 1,AQP-1 ELISA Kit
Assay range:33 pg/ml -2000 pg/ml
Standard:2700 pg/ml
SL0077Mo Mouse apoprotein B100,apo-B100 ELISA Kit
Assay range:10 ng/ml -800 ng/ml
Sensitivity:2.5 ng/ml
SL0078Mo Mouse apoprotein,apo-A1 ELISA Kit
Assay range:0.3 ng/ml -20 ng/ml
Sensitivity:0.08 ng/ml
Standard:27 ng/ml
SL0079Mo Mouse apoptosis inducing factor,AIF ELISA Kit
Assay range:30 pg/ml -1800 pg/ml
Sensitivity:12 pg/ml
Standard:2250 pg/ml
SL0075Mo Mouse Apolipoprotein E,Apo-E ELISA Kit
Assay range:3.3 ng/ml-200ng/ml
Sensitivity:0.6 ng/ml
Standard:270 ng/ml
SL0076Mo Mouse Apolipoprotein H,Apo-H ELISA Kit
Assay range:0.5ng/ml -40 ng/ml
Sensitivity:0.1 ng/ml
Standard:54 ng/ml
SL0072Mo Mouse Anti-trypsin,AT ELISA Kit
SL0073Mo Mouse anti-zona pellucida antibody,aZP ELISA Kit
SL0074Mo Mouse apelin 12,AP12 ELISA Kit
Assay range:16 pg/ml-1000 pg/ml
Sensitivity:6.5 pg/ml
Standard:1350 pg/ml
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