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Glycerol Kinase 甘油激酶

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0133
  • Product Spec:1KU
  • Storage:-20 ℃
  • Validity:6 Months
  • CAS No.:9030-66-4
  • Price:$112
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:

Chinese Name 甘油激酶
Price 112/1KU
Storage -20 ℃
Validity 6 Months
Cas No. 9030-66-4
Source microorganism





Enzyme Commission Number: EC
Appearance: White frozen dried powder
Source: Microorganism
Value: 41U/ Mg Protein
Enzyme Living Definition: In PH7.9, the temperature is 37 ° C.In terms of conditions, 1UNIT can catalyze 1 μmol of glycerin to generate 3-phosphate glycerin.
Molecular quantity: 55 kda (SDS-PAGE)
Electric point: 5.1
Michael constant: 3.8x10-5m (Glycerol)
The most suitable pH: 8.0
The best temperature: 80℃
pH stability: 5.0 ~ 10.0 (30 ℃, 20HR)
Temperature stability: < 60℃ (pH7.5, 30min)
Inhibitor: AG+, Hg2+

Instructions: This enzyme is soluble in 20mm potassium phosphate buffer bufferLiquid (pH 7.5).

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