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glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 甘油醛-3-磷酸脱氢酶

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0123
  • Product Spec:500U
  • Storage:-20 ℃
  • Validity:3 Years
  • CAS No.:9001-50-7
  • Titer:97u/mg
  • Price:$260
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
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Goods Brief:

Chinese Name 甘油醛-3-磷酸脱氢酶
Price 260/500U
Storage -20 ℃
Validity 3 Years
Cas No. 9001-50-7
Titer 97u/mg



In glucose, catalytic-3-phosphoric acid catalytic-3-phosphate is phosphorylated and oxidized when there is NAD+and phosphate, forming enzymes of 1,3-di phosphate.

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