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Pancreatic enzyme 胰酶

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0118
  • Product Spec:500g
  • Storage:Dry at RT
  • CAS No.:9002-07-7
  • Titer:4000U/g
  • Price:$144
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Chinese Name 胰酶
Price 144/500g
Storage Dry at RT
Cas No. 9002-07-7
Titer 4000U/g



This product is a multi -enzyme mixture extracted and refined by pigs, cattle or sheep pancreas. Among them, proteases, pancreatic amylase, and pancreatic lipases are mainly contained. This product is widely used in protein hydrolysis, generating peptides and amino acids.

Basic features of the product:

1. Product character: micro yellow powder

2. PH stability: PH7.5 ~ 8.5 is relatively stable, lower than lower than less than 6.0 or higher than 9.0 severe loss, the most suitable PH8.0.

3. Thermal stability: Under PH7 ~ 8 conditions, 40 ~ 50 ° C is stable, exceeding 55 ° C enzyme activity is unstable, and quickly inactivated above 65 ° C. The optimal temperature temperature is 45 ° C.

4. Impact on enzyme activity of metal ions: activated by MN2+, CA2+, MG2+ions, and suppressed by CU2+, HG2+, Al3+ions.

Definition of enzyme vitality:

Enzyme vitality definition: UV light littering method: measurement conditions (40 ± 0.2 ℃; pH value 8.0) When the 275nm wavelength has a suction light as the absorption of 1 μmol tyrosine, the amount of enzyme required is a vitality unit, which is represented by U/G.

Product Standard:

This product meets the standard enzyme specifications of the US Food Chemical Pharmacopoeia (FCC) and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Enzyme vitality:

This product contains: ispinase 4000u/g or more

Pancornestrantylase 10000U/G

pancreatic lipoase 20000U/ G,

How to use:

When decomposing proteins, the temperature is controlled at 45 ~ 55 ° C, and the initial pH is adjusted to about 8.0. Between decomposition of protein, an amino acid is generated, and the pH is reduced to affect the enzyme activity) until the hydrolysis is over.

Reference Dosage: 1 ~ 2%


1. This product is a biological activity material, and strong light and high temperature will cause enzyme loss. Therefore, the sun should be avoided during transportation and storage, and the warehouse should be kept clean and ventilated.

2. The storage temperature of this product cannot exceed 20 ° C, it is best to save it in the refrigerator. The unfavorable storage conditions will lead to increased enzyme dosage.

3. This product is only used for research in the field of scientific research, not edible or for food production.


The dust and enzyme mist of inhaling enzymes should be avoided. If you accidentally splash into your hands and eyes, rinse it with water for more than 15 minutes immediately.

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