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Alkaline protease 碱性蛋白酶

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0116
  • Product Spec:500g
  • Storage:Dry at RT
  • CAS No.:9014-01-1
  • Titer:200000U/g
  • Price:$120
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Chinese Name 碱性蛋白酶
Price 120/500g
Storage Dry at RT
Cas No. 9014-01-1
Titer 200000U/g




Alkaline protease is a kind of protein hydraulus enzyme formed, extracted, and refined by deep fermentation, extraction and refined by bacterial protein -selected. The internal -cut protease, it can hydrolyze the protein molecular peptide chain to generate polypeptides or amino acids, which has a strong ability to decompose protein.

Alkaline proteases are suitable for hydrolyzed and plant protein in alkaline medium, and are widely used in foods, medical, silk gum, leather hair removal, enzyme detergent and other industries.

The production process of alkaline proteases adopts advanced technologies such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration membrane separation, spray drying, and vacuum frozen drying. The product quality has reached the quality standards of food -grade and medicine -grade.

Alkaline protease is an alkaline protein with a catalytic site in the serine, and has excellent performance at a higher temperature and medium alkali.

Enzyme activity definition

UV light littering method: In the determination conditions (40 ° C, pH value 10.5) per minute hydrolyzed chloroplotosyl acid soluble At the same time as the absorbance of 1 micrograms of tyrosine is equivalent, the amount of enzymes required is a vitality unit, which is represented by U/G.

Use conditions

For enzymatic disintegration, the concentration of the substrate is 10-25%, the temperature is 50-60 ° C, the pH value is 8.5-10.5, and the reaction time is 3-6 hours (according to the requirements according to the requirements Can be long and short), add enzyme 0.1-0.2%(calculated at the weight of hydrolyzed solution).

In other industrial and medical fields, it is implemented with reference to relevant industry standards.

Product features

Appearance: The solid is pale yellow powder.


Alkaline protease is a pure natural enzyme preparation, which is protein. Edible foods are like foods containing protein foods, which is harmless to the human body.

For some sensitive people, such as directly intake of high -concentration enzyme powder or fog, it may cause allergies, and it may stimulate the skin, eyes and mucosa tissue for a long time. During the operation, it is recommended to wear protective utensils such as masks, eye masks. The remaining or sprinkled enzyme powder needs to be treated in a timely manner. For a large amount of enzyme powder sprinkled, it should be gently scanned by the container. Essence

Alkaline protease is a biological active substance. It has always been destructive and destructive of heavy metal resignation and oxidant. It should be avoided during storage.


It is recommended to avoid light preservation in a cool and dry environment. Storage temperature: below zero.

Excessive storage or unfavorable storage conditions will make enzymesDecreasing the living degree; if the temperature and humidity are too high, the amount of dosage needs to be appropriately increased during use.

Quality Standard

This product meets the food grade enzymes of the American Chemical Pharmacopoeia (FCC) and the Ministry of Light Industry (QB/T1803-93)Specifications.

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