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Neutral protease 50,000 U/g 中性蛋白酶 50000U/g

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0114
  • Product Spec:500g
  • Storage:Dry at RT
  • CAS No.:9068-59-1
  • Titer:50000U/g
  • Price:$44
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Chinese Name  中性蛋白酶 50000U/g
Price 44/500g
Storage Dry at RT
Cas No. 9068-59-1
Titer 50000U/g




Neutral protease is a deep fermentation culture of 398 deep fermentation of Bacteria Bacillus, which is selected. At the pH value, macromolecular protein can be decomposed into products such as polypeptides and amino acids, forming a unique hydrolyzed flavor, which can be used for protein hydrolysis such as food, feed, cosmetics, nutritional health products.

Product Features:

1. Neutral protease, as a type of endinase, has pure natural, safe and non -toxic, strong hydrolysis ability, wide range of effects, etc.

2. The neutral protease is used in baking, which can reduce the dough's wet tendons, improve the plasticity and physical and chemical properties of the dough, and at the same time make the protein hydrolysis into short peptides and amino acids, which is conducive to sugar and amino substances Perform complex Marada reactions.

3. Neutral proteases are used by biological engineering technology, micro filter, ultrafiltration membrane separation and vacuum freezing drying technology, and product quality has reached the quality standards of food -grade and medicine -grade.

Products: Light yellow solid powder

Application field:

1. Neutral protease is a non -toxic, no side effect of protein, which can be applied to animal and plant protein Hydrolysis, AN%, high hydrolysis, good flavor, HAP and HVP of high -grade condiments and food nutritional enhancers.

2. Neutral protease is used in the field of baking industry to make biscuits, which can reduce the mixed time and fermentation time of the dough. Through the enzymatic reaction of the protease biological activity Even amino acids, weaken the dough's muscles at the same time, make it good plasticity and extension, and maintain a clear and beautiful print pattern. Improve the gloss of the finished product, make the biscuits a clear level, uniform structure, and the taste and crispy taste.

3. The neutral protease is used in the beer industry, which can achieve a good clarification effect. It can also be combined with other enzyme systems into beer composite enzymes to clarify the effect of getting bitter taste.

Definition of enzyme vitality:

Ultraviolet light dusual method: measurement conditions (30 ± 0.2 ° C; pH value 7.5) hydrolyzed alcoholic acid soluble in cases per minute is in When the 275nm wavelength is equivalent to 1 micrograms of inhalation as 1 micrograms, the amount of enzymes required is a vitality unit, which is represented by U/G.

Product Standard:

This product meets the standards of food grade enzymes (QB/T1803-93) specification standards for food chemical chemicals (FCC), and the Ministry of Light Industry.

Products Specification:

50,000 U/G

Use conditions:

Application variety Temperature pH value Dosage Hydrolysis of animal and plant protein 50 ~ 55 6.0 ~ 7.0 0.1 ~ 0.3%(dry matter) ]

Baked 30 ~ 60 5.5 ~ 7.5 10 ~ 50g/100kg flour


It is recommended to avoid light preservation in a cool and dry environment, storage temperature: below zero degrees;

too long storage or storage conditions will reduce enzyme activity to different degrees to different degrees, which will reduce the different degrees of enzyme activity to varying degrees ; If the temperature and humidity is too high, the amount of usage needs to be appropriately increased during use.


Neutral protease is a pure natural enzyme preparation, which is protein. Foods of edible enzyme preparations are like eating protein -like foods, which is harmless to the human body.

For some sensitive people, such as directly intake of highly concentrated enzyme powder or fog, it may cause allergies, and it may stimulate the skin, eyes and mucosa tissue for a long time. During the operation, it is recommended to wear protective utensils such as masks, eye masks. The remaining or sprinkled enzyme powder needs to be treated in a timely manner. For a large amount of enzyme powder sprinkled, it should be gently scanned by the container. Essence

Neutropense enzymes are a biological active substance, which are susceptible to metal ions (FE3+, CU2+, HG+, PB+, etc.) and oxidants. They should avoid contact with them during storage or use.

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