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Papain 800,000 U/g 木瓜蛋白酶 800000U/g

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0112
  • Product Spec:500g
  • Storage:4 ℃
  • CAS No.:9001-73-4
  • Titer:800000U/g
  • Price:$216
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Chinese Name 木瓜蛋白酶 800000U/g
Price 216/500g
Storage 4 ℃
Cas No. 9001-73-4
Titer 800000U/g




Papaya protease is a pure natural biological enzyme product from the immature fruits of biological engineering technology. —SH) peptide chain internal cutase, has the activity of protease and esterase, has a wide range of specificity, has strong enzymatic disintegration capabilities for animal and plant proteins, polypeptides, esters, amides, etc., and has the ability to synthesize. Protein hydrolysis can be synthesized by protein, which can be used to improve the nutritional value or functional nature of animal and plant protein.

Product Features:

1. Adopt advanced biological engineering technology, membrane separation technology and vacuum freezing drying technology, and successfully developed proprietary enzyme protection technology, reducing enzyme vitality during processing process Loss, advanced level.

2. Organized by the US Pharmacopoeia standards and the current standards of China, in accordance with the requirements of the international quality certification system, establish a strict quality control system, strictly control the microorganisms of products, and meet the national export food hygiene standards.

Products: Light yellow or white solid powder

Enzyme vitality definition:

Enzyme vitality definition: Ultraviolet optical lighting method: Meridity (37 ± 0.2 ℃; PH value 7.0) The amount of absorbance of albumin soluble released by hydrolyzed casein per minute is equivalent to 1 micrograms of aspiration as 1 micrograms of tyrosine in 275nm. Essence

Enzyme activity:

800,000 U/G

Use conditions:

The reaction temperature is 50-55 ° C, the best temperature is due to the type of the substrate Different concentrations change; suitable for pH value of 6-7, pH can change due to different types and concentrations of the substrate; the amount of addition is generally 0.1-0.3%(1000-3000U/g protein), according to different bottoms according to different bottoms Properly increase or decrease, and the response time is shortened or extended accordingly. Recommended amount of tender meat 1kg of meat adds 0.25-0.4g enzymes.

The most suitable amount of enzymes must be determined in accordance with the specific production conditions.


It is recommended to avoid light preservation in a cool and dry environment, storage temperature: below zero. Excessive storage or unfavorable storage conditions will reduce enzyme activity to varying degrees; if the temperature and humidity are too high, the amount of usage needs to be appropriately increased during use.



Papaya protease is a pure natural enzyme preparation, which is protein. Foods of edible enzymes are like eating protein foods. Beneficial harmless.For some sensitive people, such as direct intake of highly concentrated enzyme powder or fog, it may cause allergies, and it may stimulate the skin, eyes and mucosa tissue for a long time.During the operation, it is recommended to wear protective utensils such as masks, eye masks. The remaining or sprinkled enzyme powder needs to be treated in a timely manner. For a large amount of enzyme powder sprinkled, it should be gently scanned by the container.EssencePapaya protease is a biological activity substance, which is susceptible to metal ions (Fe3+, CU2+, HG+, PB+, etc.) and the inhibitory and destructive effects of oxidants. It should be avoided during storage or use.

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