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Collagenase Ⅳ enzyme 胶原酶Ⅳ Gibco

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0010
  • Product Spec:1g
  • Storage:-20 ℃
  • CAS No.:9001-12-1
  • Price:$630
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Goods Brief:

Chinese Name 胶原酶Ⅳ Gibco
ALIAS ClostridiDiPetidase a
Appearance Brown or brown crystalline powder


IV collagen enzymes are prepared by soluble tissue stunaches.Suitable for cells and tissue solution.
IV collagen enzyme is recommended for the separation of pancreatic tissue and islets.
Collagen enzyme is a protease that can specifically combine with the peptide bonds between the Pro-X-GLYC-PRO sequence neutral amino acid (X) and glycine.The sequence is high -frequency in collagen.Collagen enzymes are the only proteases that can degrade natural collagen fibers with three spiral fibers in connective tissues.

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