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Collagenase Ⅳ enzyme 胶原酶Ⅳ

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  • Cat NO.:SEN0007
  • Product Spec:100mg
  • Spec2:800$/1g
  • Storage:2-8℃
  • Validity:2 Years
  • CAS No.:9001-12-1
  • Titer:≥160units/mg solid
  • Price:$90
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
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Goods Brief:

Chinese Name 胶原酶Ⅳ
ALIAS Paracetic peptide A
Appearance Brown frozen dried powder
Solubility 10 mg/mlWater



The collagenase IV contains the protease ingredients at least 7, and the molecular weight ranges from 68-130kd. It can digest a variety of tissues collagenase, derived from the amplifier of soluble tissue.

The collagen enzyme IV contains at least 7 protease ingredients, and the molecular weight ranges from 68-130kd. It can digest a variety of organizations. The concentration of collagen enzymes is generally 0.1-5 mg/ml, and it can be stirred during digestion to promote the digestion of enzymes. In the process of digestion, collagen enzymes can cause a small number of cells to die, and the digestive time is generally 15min to a few hours. If the concentration changes, the digestive time may be longer. The preferred buffer during the digestion is calcium ions and Krebs Ringer Buffer of BSA. In the process of digestion, if a large number of cells die, the amount of enzyme is needed, and 0.5%BSA or 5-10%serum can be added to stabilize the state and digestion of the cells. The sterilization of collaoning is first centrifugal or the insoluble object is removed with 0.8µm filters. Then use 0.2 m filters to filter sterilization. The combination of benzozohol and TLCK can be combined with most proteases in the enzyme ingredients to inhibit their activity, but they will not inhibit the activity of collagen enzymes. Among them, the concentration of phenyl-hydrochloride is generally 1 mm, and the concentration of TLCK is generally 0.100-0.135 mm. It is worth noting that the two can not fully ensure that the activity of all proteases is suppressed.

The solubility of enzymes: 0.05-0.1 mg/ml collagenase is dissolved in 50 mm Tes buffer, and PH 7.4 (37 ° C) contains 0.36 mm calcium chloride. The final concentration of the reaction system is 50 mm TES, 0.36 mm calcium chloride, 25 mg collagen, 0.005-0.01 mg collaonase.

The enzyme solution can maintain the activity for 5 hours at 37 ° C under the condition that contains 0.3-0.5 mm ion ion pH ion pH ion pH ion pH ion pH ion pH ion pH ion pH. It can be maintained for several months at -20 ° C.

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