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Reactive Oxygen Species, ros Assay Kit

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  • Cat NO.:AK0644-100T
  • Product Spec:100T
  • Method:fluorescent probe
  • Storage:-20℃
  • Price:$132
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
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Goods Brief:

Alias DCFH - DA
Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit
Storage condition -20℃, avoid light, valid for 1 year
Specifications of 100 t
Reactive Oxygen Species Assay Kit is a fluorescent probe DCFH-DA Assay Kit for Reactive Oxygen Species Assay. Dcfh-da does not fluoresce itself and can pass through the cell membrane freely. After entering the cell, DCFH can be hydrolyzed by the esterase in the cell to generate DCFH. DCFH does not penetrate cell membranes, making it easy for probes to be loaded into cells. Intracellular reactive oxygen species can oxidize non-fluorescent DCFH to produce fluorescent DCF. The level of intracellular reactive oxygen species can be determined by measuring the fluorescence of DCF.
This kit provides ros positive control reagent Rosup to facilitate the detection of ROS. Rosup is a mixture with a concentration of 50mg/mL.
This kit has low background, high sensitivity, wide linear range and easy to use.
This kit can determine 100 ~ 500 samples.
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