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Direct Bilirubin (DBIL) content assay kit

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  • Cat NO.:AK0620-50T-48S
  • Product Spec:50T/48S
  • Method:Visible Spectrophotometry
  • Storage:2-8℃
  • Price:$64
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
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Goods Brief:

Direct Bilirubin, DBIL, also known as binding bilirubin, is the role of glucuronic acid-based transceph enzyme after entering the liver after indirect bilirubin into the liver and glucuronic acidCombined with the resulting.Direct bilirubin increases to clinically diagnosed obstructive jaundice, hepatocyte jaundice, liver cancer, pancreatic tumbles, cholelithiasis, gallbladder T cancers, etc.Direct bilirubin can be oxidized by sodium nitrite and produce chloride.Direct bilirubin content can be calculated by detecting wavelength changes in 450 nm.
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