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Plant soluble sugar content assay kit

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  • Cat NO.:AK0663-50T-48S
  • Product Spec:50T/48S
  • Method:Visible Spectrophotometry
  • Storage:2-8℃
  • Price:$38
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:


Carbohydrate is one of the important components of plant body, as well as the main raw material and storage material of metabolism. Total sugar refers to reduced monosaccharides in product S, sucrose, maltose and starch which can be hydrolyzed into reduced monosaccharides under the conditions determined by this method.

The detection principle is anthrone colorimetric method. It can be used for the determination of soluble monosaccharide, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide, with high sensitivity, simple and fast, suitable for the determination of trace S.

Instruments and reagents required in the test:

    Visible spectrophotometer, water bath, adjustable pipette, 1ml glass cuvette, concentrated sulfuric acid, mortar and distilled water.

Product Content:

     Reagent 1: powder ×1 bottle, stored at 4℃ away from light;

    Reagent 2:10ml×1 bottle, stored at 4℃;

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