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Total Carbohydrate Content Assay Kit

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  • Cat NO.:AK0183-50T-48S
  • Product Spec:50T/48S
  • Method:Visible Spectrophotometry
  • Storage:2-8℃
  • Price:$100
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:

Measurement: The sugar substance is an important component of the plant body.One is also the main raw material and storage substance of metabolism.The total sugar may also be referred to as carbohydrate, including soluble monosaccharide, dicate, and insoluble starch, cellulose, a few butions, etc.

Measurement principle:


Hydrogen hydrolysis is reductant sugar, and the DNS reagent is reduced to an amino compound after co-heat of NaOH and propylene glycol, and is reduced to an amino compound in an excess NaOH alkaline solution.There is a maximum absorption peak at 540 nm to determine the total sugar content in the S product.

Required instruments and supplies:

Visible spectrophotometer, boiling water bath, adjustable pipette, 1 mL quartz biopsy, mortar, distilled water.

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