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Aflatoxin G1 (AFT-G1) ELISA Kit

Aflatoxin G1 (AFT-G1) ELISA Kit

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  • Cat NO.:SL0044Ot
  • Product Spec:96T
  • Sample Volume:50ul
  • Wavelength:450nm
  • Price:$528
  • Total:
  • Quantity:
  • Manual

Goods Brief:

1. Purpose

This kit is Aflatoxin G1 (AFT- G1) Quantitative detection of residues in feed, fish, shrimp, tissue, egg, honey, milk, serum and urine sample.

2. Principle

This kit uses a direct competitive ELISA method in microplate coated with AFT- G1 coupled antigen, adding AFT- G1 standard or samples, free AFT- G1 and pore strips Pre-coated AFT- G1 conjugated antigen compete against  AFT- G1  antibody  enzyme  marker  color  with  TMB  substrate,  stop solution added after the color from blue to yellow, with a microplate reader detection wavelength at 450nm, the sample absorbance value and AFT-G1 content is inversely proportional to the sample through the standard curve AFT- G1 content.

3. Kit composed

(1) Pre-coated AFT- G1 coupled antigen removable microtiter plates: 1 block (12 wells × 8 strips)

(2) AFT- G1 Standard: 6 bottles (1ml / vial), contents were:  0 ng/ml, 0.3 ng/ml,0.9 ng/ml,2.7 ng/ml,8.1 ng/ml,24.3 ng/ml.

Anti- AFT- G1 antibody conjugate: 1 bottle (6ml)

 (4) Color liquid A: 1 bottle (6ml)

(5) Color liquid B: 1 bottle (6ml)

(6) Stop Solution: 1 bottle (6ml), 2M sulfuric acid.

(7) Sample Diluent: 1 bottle (10 ×, 6ml), used for sample dilution.

(8) washing liquid concentrate: 1 bottle (20 ×, 20ml), for the washer

(9) A description

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